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Last December 19, 2007 Julz and I were still in Baguio and we stayed at a friend’s house located at Dominican Hill. Before we left, we went to Diplomat Hotel and visited the place. Here’s a brief info about the place they call “the haunted hotel”.

On May 1911 the Council of Dominican Order decided to erect a rest house in a 17 hectares place that was called Dominican Hill for the terminally ill patients in Baguio City. The first building was inaugurated on May 23, 1915.

On June 1915 Collegio del Santissimo was opened to the public because of tax exemptions during the time. But it was closed after 2 years and became a vacation house sanitarium. When the World War II started, this is where the refugees stayed. The Japanese Army Liberation Forces bombed the place and a lot of nuns and priests were beheaded and murdered.  

After the war, the Dominican Hill was reconstructed in 1947-1948. In 1973, the property was purchased by the Diplomat Hotel Inc. and remodeled the interior and turned it into a 33-bedroom hotel. From the start of the opening of the hotel a lot of guests didn’t stay long for the reason that they’ve been seeing ghosts in their rooms. There were screams and howlings heard along the hallways. Until now, some of the residents in the Dominican Hill had testified of hearing screams and howlings from the hotel.

Try to visit the place, we didn’t see any ghosts when we went there. I even took a video inside the place. I’ll be posting it here once i have uploaded it.

Diplomat Hotel is located at Dominican Road in Baguio City.

diplomat hotel

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14 Responses to "Diplomat Hotel Baguio"

  1. vatski says:

    is the diplomat hotel accessible to the public? im planning to visit baguio hopefully next month.

  2. chrissy says:

    hi vatski! yes, it’s accessible to the public. malapit na lang ito sa Grotto.

  3. lance0715 says:

    can i ask how much is the price?.. are you open for a group to stay for about i-2 nights?… thanks where planning to go to baguio for my gf birthday this october..

  4. lance0715 says:

    we are 12 adults and 2 kids.. do you have place for a group?.. thanks

  5. chrissy says:

    hi there lance, diplomat hotel is not catering guests where you and your group can stay. it’s just a tourist spot that you can visit. we did not pay anything when we visited the place.

  6. Lee says:

    We went there after getting drunk from the bar. There were was a about 12 of us. It was around 12:00am (Mid night). We drove up to the gate, by a cap. The security came out. We give him about 150 peso.
    We tour the place about an hour. We even went all the way up top. We didn’t see anything but all the pictures that we took, there were some form of figures. Could be spirit could be some deflection of some sort.

  7. chrissy says:

    since the place is kind of haunted, there were only hearsay about ghosts appearing in the place.. i even took a video but didn’t see anything. maybe they just appear to people they want to

  8. ned says:

    Hypothetically, if one has not seen a ghost in one’s entire life chances are one won’t be able to see a ghost even in the haunted places.

  9. tony says:

    we also visited Diplomat Hotel (for curiosity) last holy
    week..as we heard that this hotel is being haunted by bad
    spirits..but after arriving there at about maybe 2pm, we
    also tour the place and even went inside and climb up top
    take some pictures there but we don’t see anything but
    all pictures we took..maybe it is true that they only
    appear to the person whose opened third eye or to the
    people they want to…..

  10. guen says:

    uhm I and my family were planning to visit baguio this may.
    Is it true that diplomat hotel is a haunted place?
    I’m just curious cause I’m afraid of ghosts.
    sounds funny but true.

  11. chrissy says:

    hi guen. when we went there, we didn’t see any ghost. we went there at daytime. you can go in groups. it’s a nice place :)

  12. gabshuttle says:

    we don’t visit there because that is a haunted place in baguio.

  13. jahz says:

    me ad my classmates are planning to go there on sturday..
    Do we need to pay for the entrance?

  14. chrissy says:

    hi there jahz. the last time we went there there was no entrance fee. you just kindly ask the guard on duty that you will roam around the place.

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