CERES Bus Liner Vallacar Transit Inc – Negros

The biggest, fastest and safest public land transportation in the Island of Negros currently maintains 160 trips a day to all destinations in Negros, including Cebu. This is what i missed to ride during my stay in Bacolod. Hehe! If you see a big-yellow-bus, that’s Ceres!

ceres bus liner

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  1. rakee says:

    have u heard the rumor ‘out ceres ppl in antique believe that the real owner was ENGKATADO/ENGKANTO from Mt. Kanlaon coz the more the burned the more the bus grows well it’s only a gossip but very interesting HAPPY TRIP (~_^)

  2. Mark says:

    those old and ugly Buses of Ceres Liner must be replaced with new ones

  3. sherwin says:

    i hope that ceres liner will have there own website… i love bus, i love ceres liner

  4. sherwin says:

    i love riding ceres bus, its exciting and safe..you can trust the bus and the driver…

  5. claudia says:

    i would like to complain the bus driver and the collector of bus 5110 in bacolod city.they way they treat the passengers are so rude.they should be reprimanded.

  6. conie says:

    manloloko ung isang driver at kundoktor dyan, naiwan ung 4 na kinatay na native na manok sa ilalim ng upuan kasama ung bag ng tatay ko, ung bag isinoli nila, ung 4 na manok hindi na, ayaw ipa-open ung compartment, ung byahe galing kalibo, 12nn umalis ng april 2. di mapagkatiwalaan!

  7. alan a. manzon says:

    what an insult! ceres bus driver himself smoking right next to “NO SMOKING INSIDE THIS BUS” sign while driving. this incident was noticed by yours truly about 1630 hours, dated today (8jun2009), near supermetro, mandaue city. bus #5965 bacolod city – cebu city route. fyi

  8. melvin says:

    hwag aman ayong ganyan…wla na tlaga tatalo sa ceres panis yang mga bus d2 sa maynila….

  9. melvin says:

    grabe tlaga ang lakas tlaga ng ceres wla ng mkaktalo sa kanila mlupit tlaga…

  10. Enrique Beltran says:

    Safety no way. Ceres has killed more passengers and non-passengers than any other bus line. They do not even carry the necessary PAMI insurance to cover the passengers. Ever look for the PAMI sticker on the windshield? Ever notice the plates year sticker. And look at the destination and the real franchise painted on the side of the bus. Out of route many busses each day. Like taking a crap shoot with your life Ceres is.

  11. Nel says:

    Kailan kaya babalik sa Tagbilaran City, Bohol ang Ceres Liner? Kung di ako nagkamali, mga 1988 to 1992 pumasok ang Ceres pero umalis din pagkatapos ng contract & sinunog ang bus nila ng mga rebels daw. Maganda ang service ng Ceres Liner:
    1) Kahit walang pasahero basta oras na aalis na talaga & di tulad ng mga local buses hitayin pa na mapuno.
    2) High end ang mga makina nila di tulad ng local buses na mga maliliit ang bagal kaya ng dumating ang Ceres nag-upgrade sila para makahabul.
    3) Halos 50% ng oras ng biyahe ang matitipid kung Ceres ang sasakyan dahil sa limited stops lang ang Ceres Liner.

  12. ben says:

    anu ba ang “official” site nila? bakit d ako makapasok sa vallacartransitinc.com? gusto ko rin sana mag comment kaya lang d naman siguro nila mababasa. sayang at di nila ma gawan ng paraan.

  13. elmor says:

    galing ako diaan maganda pamamalakad nila
    mababait mga anak ng may ari lalo na si to
    roy (musta po? dati po ako fuel, oil & lube controller 1979-1990)
    puede dyan makahingi passes pag gipit ka
    central ofc nila mansilingan, bacolod city
    tel 034-4460681

  14. alextabiolo says:

    wala na tatalo sa VallacarTransit Inc, Ceres liner palang nakikita nyo dyan sa Bacolod,Dumaguete, Cebu & entire panay… kunti pa yun. pumunta kayo sa Mindanao, bumabaha ang Rural Transit ang Bachelor Express dun…
    they are the same one company. look at the logo of Rural transit, parehong pareho sa Ceres liner, kulay lang ang nag iba…magkakasama silang lahat, thousand of running buses na kung tutuusin. di pa kasama ang under maintenance.but by the way, way back 30 years ago…its only start in a one (1) single jeepney…maniwala ka bro…successfull talaga ang Vallacar Transit..its just how to handle & to expand the good business and it happened.

  15. alextabiolo says:

    galing narin ako dyan, di yata kaya ng ibang competitors, the only bus company with their giant facilities, to tell those people riding on ceres liner,bachelor express & rurla trnasit, you are riding in the right pace, the most safest & convenient transport bus in the country.all buses are always in scheduled for proper maintenance regularly, hindi hula hula ang maintenance dun, it is done routine in a proper schedule.wla ka pangamba, malas mo nalang siguro pag ma aberiya kapa.they have their own bus assembly plant, giant general Reconditioning dept., giant machine shop, sariling tire recappig plant,may sariling brake lining plant, may sariling battery plant, may sariling foundry plant ( tunawan ng bakal at planta ng mga brake drums ) maliban sa hi tech CNC Machieries & oil laboratories. may high tech na maintenance fleets. sa Bacolod CIty lang yun, may sa Mindanao pa. Ano, may ilalaban pa ba ang iba dyan?

  16. samantha moore says:

    love ko talaga ang ceres

  17. Jose Rizal Memorial State University says:

    guys! anybody who knows how to buy a Rural or Ceres Tour Bus Aircon 2010 model pls let me know u can email me at tenacious_d23@yahoo.com.. tnx allot…

  18. vanessa somosa says:

    Requesting Ceres Liner, tel. no. lang ….diha sa Dumaguete…..or just asking, naa bay driver, named…Rudy Baldado.. sa Ceres Liner diha sa Dumaguete…few years ago na…his wife is my half sister, for 45yrs. wla na mi magkita….just asking if someone knows him..or E-mail….rred_rose_1956@yahoo.de…thank you….

  19. rutra_bije says:

    sana buymalik yung ceres liner sa bohol pati sa leyte and samar, i love their buses very very very very much.. i hope it would be as soon as possible…

  20. joahna says:

    hope this msg wont be taken for granted by the management.i have been a loyalist of your company but i just had a bad experience.last nyt april 15, 2009 between. 6:30-6:45pm,i supposed to go back to cebu city from bogo city.yung konduktor po ninyo was very arrogant and disrespectful.i cant forget his face at yung unit #8825.he mistreated me when i asked wat time the bus wil supposed to leave.coz i supposed to transfer to another unit na ceres din but i cant understand why it seems there’s a competition among buses under the same company.it was i guess the reason of everything but i dont deserve the way i was treated as one of your loyal passenger of all time regardless of how much the fare is comparing to others.i was even breaking down but he didnt stop treating me too harst.please do something about this person.i just dont know where to complaint.thanks.

  21. vonitz says:

    Maraming di nakakaalam na ang owner ng Ceres Liner, Rural Transit Mindanao, Bachelors Express and Ceres Transport ay taga Bacolod City Negros Occidental.

  22. arlene says:

    the manager

    i wanna ask if how much is da minimum fair of the ceres liner for this time… it is becoz gikan me dumaguete ron din ni sotp lang me sa sibulan… nakiglalis jud 2ng conductor namo… nangasaba cya ky kulang amo plete… wala rabajud cya naghatag ug ticket… 15 pesos ya pangayo namu… ang no. sa bus 7000 paingon bacolod.

  23. arlene says:

    i wana ask f how much is da minimum fair of ceres liner nowadays, it is bcoz nangasaba ang conductor namu ganiha… ky 15 jud amo i.plete.. sa sibulan me nanaog… ang no sa bus. 7000 paingun na bacolod… pls reply.!

  24. arlene says:

    pila jud ang minimum fair sa ceres ron? ky nangasaba ang conductor ky kulang amo plete… gikan me dumaguete din nanaog me sa sibulan… no. sa bus. 7000.. padung bacolod…

  25. arlene says:

    pila d ay ang minimum fair sa ceres ron? ky nangasaba man ang conductor sa ceres no. 7000 padulong bacolod ky kulang amo plete… 15 jud daw.. nanaog me sibulan gikan dumaguete… nilarga ang bus ganiha 5:45pm

  26. arlene says:

    wrong spelling d i akong fare…. toinks! i 4get.. sori poh.. sa mga nakabasa.. haha

  27. arlene says:

    pasensya na sa spelling guys!//.. haha.. galakot man jud ko a2ng tyma…
    hope matagaan tog action f pila jud ang minimum fare!.

  28. jsob says:

    my nephew is the great grandson of the owner.. kaya libre sakay kami ;)

  29. chrissy says:

    pakilala mo naman ako. hehe.

  30. ringgo_myguy says:

    Bisan Netran pa na sang una dira na ako nagasakay halin sa Bacolod padulong sa Dumaguete during my college days. Nag Ceres Liner na ina dira man ako gihapon gasakay hasta subong nga abroad na ako. Comfortable ka abi kag feeling safe compared sa iban nga salakyan.

    Ambot kon nadayon na ang ila plan nga may direct trip from Bacolod to Zamboanga? Can somebody from your end supply me the details for this trip, including reservations? Thanks and more power.

  31. trojanx01 says:

    i love Ceres Liner…Di tulad ng mga bwesit na bus dyan ung “double tire”…Kainis,Tigil ng tigil,d makuntento sa pasahero nila,tagal tuloy mkarating sa pupuntahan…Buti pa yung Ceres Liner,secure pa!

  32. trojanx01 says:

    kung sinong staff ng Vallacar transit inc. aka Ceres Liner,pahinge nmn email oo.!gusto q lg sana magtanong about sa system sa loob ng company nyo,Company nyo sana gusto kong gawan ng system sa susunod ee..Thanks po.More Power

  33. susie says:

    I am one of the avid passenger of the ceres liner here in the province of Iloilo and Antique route. Sana magkaroon ng masinsinan briefing sa mga tanga na driver. kasi ang nangyari kahapon sa fragante Pandan, Antique tinaga ang konduktor ng isang pasahero dahil sa pagsita nito na isuot ang damit kasi nakahubad daw. eh kung matino ba namang driver nakita na niya ganun sitwasyon ang sasakay walang damit at may itak na nakasukbit sa beywang magpapasakay pa? sana magkaroon ng justice ang nangyari sa konduktor. We will just pray na mabuhay pa yon para sa anak niya! Alam ko na maganda yong patakaran ng company kaso may mga tao talaga na mahirap sumunod!

  34. chrissy says:

    hopefully maayos agad ang gusot. Christmas na!

  35. igb says:

    How many hours travel time from Bacolod to Bais City? From Dumaguete to Bacolod? Thanks

  36. chrissy says:

    Hi igb. It’s around 4 hours from Dumaguete to Bacolod

  37. jet says:

    malicious charge to docs/parcel sent to Dumaguete. The dispatcher was asking P25 handling fee not reflected in the waybill. When I asked him to reflect it in the waybill he told me that it is their system not to charge it in the waybill. My money will surely go to his pocket.

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